About me

About me

My name is Brenda, I am a gifted psychic medium.

I have been teaching, conducting readings and Mediumship for numerous clients across the area of Foster & adjoining Townships of the Wilsons Promontory area.

More than 20 years ago at the tragic loss of a loved one, I developed the ability to read and connect with spirits and loved ones of the past and interpreting readings of the present and future.
I have found a true passion in being a psychic and assisting others on their journey. I have helped others achieve enlightenment in their lives and directed them toward a path of self-improvement and appreciation.

From readings, teaching and self-practice, I developed these skills into interpreting others emotions and connections. I wanted to assist others seeking help and guidance in their life to assure them that they can find the right path. My skills enable me to give clear, accurate readings to those seeking guidance in:

  • Love
  • Losses
  • Understanding
  • Health
  • Careers
  • Insight into their life purpose

My philosophy is I believe that everyone can achieve clarification from psychic ability and everyone has the power to achieve it. My role as a medium is to harness this power and ability to assist others. To communicate and point them in the right direction, and help with various situations that may occur or have done so. Some people are simply searching for guidance, whilst others wish to say goodbye or connect with a loved one.

I am passionate and dedicated to every reading I give to my clients. I pride myself on always giving precise, accurate and truthful readings and my aim is to benefit everyone in their journey, to find peace and comfort in each session.

Come and visit Mystic Blessings today. Every session aims to provide relaxation, serenity and a calming energy to continually give my clients an uplifting, enlightened experience.