My unique set of skills has been mastered over the years I have been working. Using intuitive thought and clear perspective, I can shine a light along the path of your life journey. I offer direction, advice and support for my clients.

Tarot and Angel Card Readings - $100 per hour

Half hour readings $55


Tarot readings help individuals seek guidance, support and advice for particular avenues and journeys of their life. Through intuition, emotion and experience I work with clients to interpret their emotion and offer advice for any situation they may require help with.

If you are worried or anxious about issues in your life or you are curious to find out future endeavours or career changes. I can help with:

  • Decision making
  • Love and relationships
  • Careers
  • Family and friends
  • Insight into the future
  • Destiny

Tarot readings can provide the answers you are looking for and offer advice and guidance on certain situations.

We also do Tarot parties and other group Tarot readings!

Numerology Profiles $120

Numerology is the belief that relationship between a number and events coinciding. Combining astrology and science, Numerology works to guide individuals with aspects of their life. It can provide assistance and ultimate insight into personality, evolution and your greatest potential.

By validating inner feelings and guiding you towards understanding, Numerology is the key to unlocking your true self.

Reiki  stress reduction and relaxation

Mediumship Readings - $100 per hour

The ability to reconnect or connect with spirits of former loved ones or spiritual guides in your life enable you to know there are others watching and interacting with you every day and overlooking your achievements. Mediumship can be vital for those who have lost someone special in their life or for those wanting to say a final word to someone lost. I have clients that like to bring an item with them such as photo or Jewellery , this can often help with the reading.


Psychometry (included in mediumship reading)

Also known as ‘object reading’, it is the ability to interpret and read from a significant object of someone’s that can carry energy. This can help with the loss of a loved one.
This works well with an object of sentimental value or a strong connection to its owner.


Ear Candling - $65 per session

Ear candling or thermal-auricular therapy has been used for centuries as an alternative method to improve health. This treatment can be used to promote health.

This works by the spiral of the cone causing the smoke to be drawn downward into the ear canal to loosen wax and debris. This helps to relieve congestion and relax the individual

Ear candling benefits are:

  • Natural removal of ear wax
  • Removes stress
  • Non-invasive method
  • Relaxing natural, herbal remedy
  • Helps to relieve sinus build-up or stuffiness
  • Improves hearing
  • Only natural products are used, made from beeswax and hemp cloth