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"For sometime I have considered a Tarot Reading course, via friends and media I have been made aware of many available courses and teachers knowing that there are also many tha t I am not aware of.  Most of those came with multiple references either by word of mouth or leaflets of literature
One day a couple of months ago reading through a local paper I came across a simple advertisement for Tarot Reading tuition, this was the first time I became aware of Mystic Blessings.
After sleeping on it, I rang the phone number and spoke with Brenda, after a few queries and some small chit chat I made the decision and my first class was booked!
As I have mentioned there is plenty of references for many readers and naturally we all have our preferences and praise them accordingly.
Brenda is indeed worthy of high regard but I am going to give you my observations from a pupils perspective.  From that initial phone call to the completion of my Tarot Reading course Brenda proved to be well organised with excellent notes and tips for every class.
This is a person who genuinely wants everyone to succeed and will do all that is possible to accommodate and help every one of her students achieve their goal.  One thing that really impressed upon me Brenda's commitment was her flexibility and willingness to adopt different methods suitable to her students abilities.
So thank you Brenda for your patience, your professionalism, your caring manner and enjoyable classes, your advertisement was truly insightful."

Sheryl 19th August, 2015

Hi Brenda

I just wanted to send you a thank you note for my excellent reading.   It was one of the best readings I have every received.

Thanks so much

Alexandra 2015